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We make it easy to manage your cryptocurrency assets

by combining wallets, fiat currency accounts and smart analytics in one app.


Call us your cryptocurrency current account.


✓ Non-custodial wallets

✓ Multiple fiat deposit and withdrawal options

✓ Exchange 100’s of coins/tokens

✓ Cryptocurrency portfolio analytics

✓ Cryptocurrency-backed loans

✓ Transaction and spending analytics

✓ Track news and market prices

✓ Earn HBRS token rewards and rebates

We’re making cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology mainstream.

Join over 20,000+ members.

The Problem

Today’s cryptocurrency industry lacks fluid connection to the world of fiat currencies. Existing applications are not consumer friendly and lack friendly user experience. There is no focus on adoption and we are here to change that.

Our Solution

We’ve built a cryptocurrency asset and fiat account management solution that makes it easy to connect your fiat current account for easy entry and exit into the cryptocurrency market. All of your important cryptocurrency services under one roof. Powered by the HBRS token.

The Outcome

An all-in-one cryptocurrency-fiat friendly platform that houses cryptocurrency assets, fiat currencies, crypto-lending capabilities, cross-border payments, instant exchange, and integrated wealth aggregation solutions, wrapped in an easy to use user-interface. Check out our solutions here.

Buy & sell without the middleman.

Buy, sell, promote your goods, services, and solutions on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s Amazon on the blockchain, without the middleman.

Get started today, it’s free.

Moving money in and out of the cryptocurrency

ecosystem just got easier.

Freedom to Choose your Currency

Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Pound or Pound, Euro in real-time.

We Reward You

Receive cashback in HBRS tokens as a reward for your account activity when you spend on your card. We even reward you in HBRS tokens when you make a deposit.

Travel with Cryptocurrency

Travel globally and spend your cryptocurrency assets or spend traditional currencies from your HubrisOne current account.

See how we compare with

other players.

Our Partners

Powered by the HBRS token.

The HBRS token is the bloodline of the HubrisOne platform.

Users of the platform will need to have HBRS tokens in order to access premium features.

HBRS Token Provides Access

HubrisOne members will need to hold a prespecified amount of tokens in their wallet in order to access certain functions of the HubrisOne platform. These tokens can be purchased directly from exchanges.

HBRS Token Burns Every Quarter

We burn HBRS tokens quarterly. For each new user that joins the HubrisOne platform, we burn 100 HBRS from our reserve. As the ecosystem grows, the supply reduces. Tokens are burned on the last day of every financial quarter end.

HBRS Token Rewards You

We reward our members in HBRS tokens for activities such as:

  • Referrals
  • Cashback on your debit card
  • Discounts for premium features
  • Cashback for deposits in your wallet


Simple & Transparent Pricing

Monthly fees receive 50% discount when paid in HBRS tokens.



  • 2 min Account Opening
  • One Currency Account
  • Up to 10 Secure Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Basic Debit Card (Fee Applies)
  • Fee for ATM Withdrawals
  • Crypto-Fiat Instant Exchange
  • Stake HBRS for more features
  • Third-Party Advertisements




  • Free EUR and GBP Current Account
  • Free Premium Debit Card
  • 5% Deposit Reward in HBRS
  • Unlimited* Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Free Access to Wealth
  • Free Access Lending
  • 1.5% Cashback in HBRS Tokens
  • Free Access to Real-time Support
  • Free Access to Decentralised Marketplace

Learn More about the HubrisOne Token

The HBRS token is the bloodline of the HubrisOne platform.

Imagine, all of your favorite cryptocurrency

services in one place.

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