Introducing HBRS Tokenback - Reward When You Exchange

What is Tokenback?

Tokenback is our way of rewarding you when you make an exchange on our platform. We reward you instantly, directly to your wallet once you make an exchange on HubrisOne.

Why not get rewarded for something that you do everyday?

How does it work?

When you are exchanging tokens, you will see a new section on your screen called “Tokenback” followed by 5%.

This means you will receive 5% in HBRS tokens (as a reward) once your exchange transaction is complete.

Are there limits on the Tokenback reward?

There are no limits on the Tokenback reward. Users can immediately send their HBRS rewards to any exchange to redeem their HBRS tokens. Alternatively, users can leave their HBRS tokens in their wallet and accumulate more HBRS tokens over time.

When do I receive the Tokenback reward?

Your Tokenback reward is usually deposited to your HubrisOne HBRS wallet within 3 mins after the exchange transaction has processed.

How long will this Tokenback last?

We plan for the Tokenback to be part of the existing business model long-term. The Tokenback amount may change from time to time and this will be communicated ahead of time.

If you have any questions please get in touch