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We make it easy to manage your cryptocurrency assets by combining crypto wallets, fiat currency accounts and smart analytics in one app. We’re making cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology mainstream.

You can call us your cryptocurrency current account. Authorised and regulated.

  • Non-Custodial Wallets
  • Multiple Fiat Deposit and Withdrawal Options
  • Instantly Exchange 100’s of Coins and Tokens
  • Integrated Cryptocurrency Portfolio
  • Cryptocurrency-Backed Fiat Lending
  • Track News and Market Prices
  • Integrated Smart Analytics
  • Earn HBRS Token Rewards and Rebates

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Access and Manage your Crypto & Fiat Currencies with Ease

We’ve designed and built HubrisOne to put you in charge of your crypto assets. We've made it easy for you to deposit fiat currencies using Faster Payments, SEPA and SWIFT (Coming Soon).

  • Send, Receive and Store your Favorite Crypto Assets

    You can send, receive and store over 100 cryptocurrencies directly and securely on your device. Send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 supported tokens.

  • Deposit and Withdraw EUR, USD, GBP To And From Your Bank Account (Coming Soon)

    Buy, sell and exchange crypto using fiat currencies quickly and easily without having to leave your app and go to an exchange. It's our way of making things more streamlined.

  • Be in Control of Your Private Keys and Assets 100% of the Time

    Your keys, your assets. It’s only right we provide you access and control. You can access your private keys directly from your app, securely. It's time you took control of your digital assets.

Pay Friends with Crypto Using Just an Email Address or Mobile Number

We understand that dealing with various crypto addresses can be frustrating, so we’ve made it extremely simple to pay friends.

  • Send Crypto to Friends within Seconds

    Instantly send crypto to your friends globally within a few taps, attach messages and references.

  • Create and Save Payees to Make Sending Crypto More Simple

    It’s time things got simpler. Create and save a contact in a few taps for easier and more secure transactions.

  • Send Over 100+ Crypto Assets Directly On The Blockchain

    Send Over 100+ Crypto Assets Directly On The Blockchain

Exchange Between 100’s of Crypto Assets Directly From Your App

Simplified crypto asset exchanging in a few taps, and we reward you HBRS tokens for each transaction. It’s our way of saying thanks.

  • Quickly Exchange Your Crypto Assets

    Times have changed. There’s no need to send funds to and from a complex exchange. We’ve simplified the whole process. Same price exposure, just quicker, easier and more secure.

  • Access And Trade Your Favorite Crypto Assets

    Your favorite crypto assets directly at your fingertips. Buy, sell and exchange crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat directly from your app, delivered to you within seconds.

  • We Reward You in HBRS Tokens When You Exchange

    It’s that simple, when you execute and exchange we give you HBRS tokens as a reward, also know as ‘Tokenback’. HBRS rewards will be automatically deposited in your HBRS wallet on your app.

Stay Updated With Your Crypto Portfolio and Assets with Our Wealth Tracker

We've combined the benefits of a secure wallet, fiat on-ramp with a portfolio tracker. It's about time managing your assets got easier and more streamlined.

  • Track Your Crypto Portfolio Balance

    Connect your portfolio with your exchange or wallet so you can track the values of your entire crypto portfolio. Alternatively, your portfolio automatically detects your wallet balance and creates your own personalised portfolio.

  • Get The Latest Crypto Prices And Market Charts in Your Local Currency

    Get a clear high level view of your total assets in your portfolio. Understand your profit and loss since portfolio creation, see the trend with your personal portfolio graph.

  • Create And Track Multiple Portfolios & Track Market Prices

    Create unlimited multiple portfolios to track different strategies or track various portfolios from different owners or clients. Additionally, track market prices of the entire crypto market with Tracker.

...And There's More

We believe HubrisOne will be your go to crypto asset current account, and as a result we need to make sure that we've future-proofed your app to be your Trusted Partner.

  • Generous Referral Program, Refer Friends, Earn Crypto

    By spreading the word you help the industry grow and accelerate crypto adoption, it's only right you're rewarded for your efforts. Refer unlimited friends to earn HBRS tokens and exchange or redeem for BTC or ETH.

  • Crypto-Backed Lending (Coming Soon)

    Let your crypto assets work for you. Lend your unused crypto assets securely and earn daily interest. Borrow Fiat instantly against your crypto assets and recieve funds directly in your HubrisOne app or directly to your bank account.

  • HBRS Staking and Stable Coin To Bank Account (Coming Soon)

    Earn HBRS rewards for staking and holding HBRS tokens in your wallet via smart contract. Very soon, you'll be able to transfer your stable coins directly to your bank account with 24-48 hours, save fees and save time.

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  • Create multiple secure cryptocurrency wallets
  • Send, receive and store over 1,000 digital assets
  • Exchange 100's of coins instantly - Fees from 0.5%
  • Pay friends with crypto using a username, email or mobile number
  • Free access to a live market feed for market data and prices
  • Free access to breaking crypto and financial news
  • Create your own payee address book to send payments quicker


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