HubrisOne awarded crypto licences

HubrisOne the new All-in-One Crypto Current Account today announces it has been awarded full regulatory license approval by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

What does this mean?

This license allows us to operate as a fully regulated and compliant crypto-fiat exchange provider and allows us to operate and provide cryptocurrency wallets as a service. This is a part of the wider mission to set the industry standard within the crypto and blockchain space.

Why did we select Estonia to apply for licenses?

We strategically selected to obtain these licenses in Estonia, for various reasons such as; Estonia is a full-member EU state, enabling us (HubrisOne) to passport into the European Economic Area and serve other member states. Additionally, Estonia is a leader and is championing the advancement of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Lastly, Estonia has utilised blockchain technology in its own infrastructure, for health, judicial, legislative, security and commercial code registries since early 2013.

What does the new licenses allow us to do?

The new license allows HubrisOne to operate as a:

Provider of virtual currency against a fiat currency exchange service Provider of a virtual currency wallet service

The granting of the licenses, a day after meeting with the regulators further cements their confidence in our rigorous processes and standards we plan to set within the space.

What’s the impact and what’s next?

By establishing a regulated, ‘best-of-breed’ and modern digital asset cryptocurrency service, HubrisOne will provide an increase in adoption and awareness of cryptocurrencies. This will result in a more secure platform and environment to the ever-growing early adopters of this rapidly changing and expanding niche in financial services.

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All the best, as always

HubrisOne Team