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HubrisOne was started when we understood the magnitude and impact cryptocurrencies were going to have in the future of the monetary system and our day to day lives. We understood the importance of the current banking system, but more importantly we understood the challenges customers globally were facing with traditional banks. As early cryptocurrency investors, we battled against switching between multiple apps to achieve simple actions. For example, sending money from our bank account to exchanges, waiting multiple days, struggling to spend our cryptocurrencies in-store, waiting multiple days for cross-border transfers and paying extortionate bank fees. We searched and could not find an appropriate solution. There had to be another way.

Our Mission & Vision
It’s our mission and vision to increase adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by integrating them into our day to day lives, Here’s what drives us, our overarching mission and vision. Adoption: Increase cryptocurrency adoption globally, through a simple familiar mass-market solution. Connect: Be the link between the old world of banking and the new world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Bank the Unbanked: Provide basic banking services for the 2 billion unbanked population through digital banking solutions.

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We're making cryptocurrencies and blockchain mainstream