Meet the HBRS Token

Learn more about how the HubrisOne

token powers the HubrisOne infrastructure and platform.

HubrisOne Token Use Case

The HBRS token has multiple use cases, explore below and learn more about how we’re using blockchain powered tokens in traditional business models.


User Growth Quarterly Burn

For every new customer that joins we will burn 100 HBRS tokens from our reserve. This means as we grow (and we’re growing fast) the more tokens we burn, the less supply there is. The token burn will happen on the last day of every financial quarter. The first burn will happen on the 31st March 2019. 


HBRS Token Provides Access

The HBRS token provides access to premium features within the platform. Users that are not premium members will need to buy and hold a pre-specified number of tokens in their HBRS wallet in order to be granted access. Some of these features range from, instant lending, blockchain transfers and our wealth aggregation.


HBRS Rewards & Cashback

We reward our members in HBRS tokens for various activities such as referring friends, actively using their HubrisOne account, depositing cryptocurrency or fiat and more. We also, reward our customers in HBRS tokens for each purchase they make on their HubrisOne debit card.


HBRS Provides Discount

HubrisOne maintains various features, from an integrated exchange, blockchain powered payments, cryptocurrency lending, wealth aggregation and much more. Some of these features carry their own fees, members can use HBRS tokens to off-set fees and receive discounts.

HBRS Token Details

Fixed Supply: 1 Billion

Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)

Circulating Supply: 500 Million

Exchange being Traded: ChainCreator

Smart Contract: Explorer