HubrisOne Bounty Program is Live

In August 2018, after many months of planning, research and meetings with partners, the HubrisOne team announced their plans to launch HubrisOne to the world and crypto community.

HubrisOne: A cryptocurrency friendly digital currency account, with seamless cryptocurrency integration allowing our customers to instantly create GBP, EUR and USD bank accounts in seconds, execute cross-border payments using the Stellar Blockchain and OmiseGo Plasma, consolidate all of their current bank accounts into one app and leverage our crypto-backed lending facilities.

Early this month, we opened up the gates for our early bird registrations.This is reserved for only a limited number of customers hence early registration is advised. You can register here.

We launched our MVP walkthrough earlier this week to give potential customers, users and early birds what the first version of HubrisOne will look and feel like, we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response so far.

Today, we announce two keys things: 1) the release of our Bitcointalk announcement and 2) the release of our bounty program.

We’re excited for what’s to come and hope you can become a part of this journey. To find out more about HubrisOne see this link to our Product brief and this link for our Investor information pack.

We are taking a slightly different strategy in regards to fundraising, we’ve decided to pursue a joint token distribution event and equity crowdfund raise.

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