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HubrisOne Utility Token

The Hubris Token

Below you will find how the Hubris token will function within the Hubris eco-system. The Hubris tokens are an integral part to HubrisOne.

Account Opening Rewards

Each new customer that successfully passes KYC checks and opens a HubrisOne digital bank account (Standard or Premium account) will receive $100 equivalent in HBRS tokens (at the current market price).

The HBRS tokens will be transferred to customer’s Hubris wallet upon successful account opening – customers are free to hold, exchange or sell. Note: This offer is only available for the first 50,000 customers to register.

Account Loading Rewards

Customers will receive 10% of their bank account load in Hubris tokens as a reward.

Satoshi transfers £500 from his Barclays bank account in the UK to his HubrisOne GBP bank account. Satoshi will automatically receive 10% of his load. $50 equivalent Hubris tokens will be deposited in his Hubris wallet.
Satoshi is free to hold, exchange or sell Hubris tokens once made available in his wallet.

Cashback Rewards

Each customer will receive a HubrisOne secure Visa/Mastercard debit card which will be linked to their HubrisOne bank account or wallet. When a customer spends in store or online, the customer will receive 1% cashback in Hubris Tokens.

Customers are free to hold, exchange or sell Hubris tokens once they receive their cashback in their wallet.

Premium Membership Discount

Premium membership is charged $4/£4 a month. Customers will receive 50% discount when paying in Hubris tokens.

Hubris token market price is $1 each – users can pay their monthly membership with only 2 HBRS tokens.
If paying membership in USD, EUR or GBP users will be charged $4 or equivalent in nominated fiat currency.

Crypto-Backed Lending Interest Discount

Crypto-backed lending is charged a flat rate of 10% per loan for durations up to 12 months Users will receive 50% off interest rate fee if paying in HBRS tokens

Susan wants to borrow $1,000 USD for 5 months and will transfer the market rate equivalent of $1,000 in ETH to be held by HubrisOne as collateral.

Her loan application is accepted. HubrisOne instantly transfers $1,000 USD to Susan’s HubrisOne bank account where she can spend online or in-stores with her HubrisOne card.
After 5 months, Susan returns the 1,000 USD and her fee payable is $100 (10% of her initial borrowed amount).
Susan decides to pay the fee in Hubris tokens and now she only pays $50 in fees (50% discount) and her $1,000 ETH is transferred back to her HubrisOne ETH wallet.

Hubris Wealth Access

Customers must hold a minimum of 10,000 HBRS tokens in their wallet in order to access HubrsOne Wealth Management platform Users will gain access to new and existing investment products such as Cryptocurrency Index Fund and existing investment products such as ETF’s, Futures and more.

Customers will be able to connect with their existing wealth management provider via secure API and manage their account through their HubrisOne app.

Marketplace Platform Access

Customers must hold a minimum of 5,000 Hubris tokens in their wallet in order to access HubrisOne marketplace platform. The marketplace platform allows customers to access blockchain and non-blockchain services, such as travel insurance, accommodation, transport (car rentals, scooters, air fares and more), loans, retail offers and rewards.

HubrisOne will partner with market leaders in order to provide these additional services to our customers. Vendors that wish to join the HubrisOne marketplace must pay a fee of 30,000 Hubris tokens.

Discount Exchange Fees

Crypto to FIAT exchange and FIAT to crypto exchange will be charged at fixed rate of 1%. Customers paying fees in Hubris tokens will receive 50% off the exchange fee. This means customers will only be charged 0.50% per exchange.

Mike is buying $100 worth of Ethereum with his HubrisOne USD account. The flat fee is 1%. 1% of $100 = $1
Mike opts to pay his $1 fee in HBRS tokens and now his exchange only costs him $0.50 cents.

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