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The problems we're solving.

A £300 billion market opportunity.

Innovative tech, no real application

There’s great technology being built, however there has been no mass real-life use case or application to proven business models.

Banking the unbanked

Over 2 billion individuals do not have a bank account globally, with smartphone ownership growing daily, HubrisOne aims to tackle this global issue.

Customers want more

Buyer behaviour is evolving rapidly, even more so with the introduction of cryptocurrencies, banks are slow to innovate and are losing market share each day.

Unfair fees

Banks charge significant fees on FX transactions whilst travelling and for sending money abroad. It’s slow, expensive and inefficient.

Increasing cryptocurrency adoption

People globally want easy access to the cryptocurrency markets and the benefits blockchain presents. However, the industry lacks user friendly products and propositions for mass appeal.

Our solution.

HubrisOne. Innovative, secure, and user-friendly.

Bridging the old and new with blockhain

Unique GBP, EUR, and USD bank accounts, seamlessly integrated with cryptocurrency wallets. Option to connect existing bank accounts. One card multiple possibilities.

Instant digital account opening

With integrated instant KYC and digital account opening, anyone can open a HubrisOne bank account with a smartphone and a internet connection.

Tailored digital customer support

With the rapid change in consumer behavior, time is an increasing priority. Handle all your banking issues whilst you're on the move with only an internet connection. 

Low cost and speedy blockchain transfers

International cross-border transfers executed on the Stellar blockchain costing a fraction of a cent and settled within 5-8 seconds. 

Familiarity breeds adoption

By enabling our customers to perform traditional banking services with cryptocurrency integration coupled with a familiar user experience will increase adoption.

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