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We're Changing The Way You..
We're Changing The Way You..

We’re completely shaking up the traditional banking system, banking the unbanked and opening the doors to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to all.

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HubrisOne is increasing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption through a simple, innovative and user-friendly platform. We enable our customers to easily access instant blockchain cross-border money transfers, multi-currency bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets and much more.

Use one secure HubrisOne Visa debit card for all of your accounts, cryptocurrency wallets and in-sore and online transactions. You’re rewarded in HubrisOne tokens each time you spend and load your account. 

Built on and powered by Stellar blockchain infrastructure, OmiseGo SDK and the native HubrisOne token.

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Adoption: Increase cryptocurrency adoption globally, through a simple, easy to use familiar mass market solution. 

Connect: Be the link between the old world of banking and the new world blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Banking the Unbanked: Provide basic banking services for the unbanked population.


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Multi-currency accounts and cryptocurrency wallets

  • Personal EUR, GBP, USD accounts with unique account details, with the ability to set-up direct debits and standing orders. Additionally, users can connect their existing bank accounts in a few taps. 

  • Easily create your first cryptocurrency wallet or add from an existing wallet. We’ve made it easy to send and exchange between your wallet and HubrisOne currency account. Plus, you can spend your crypto and earn cashback.

Secure and Compliant

  • PCI-DSS Compliant Cloud Banking Software
  • Institutional grade cold storage for wallets
  • Wallets and private keys are yours and are stored in AES-256 encryption
  • 24/7 Real-time anti-fraud machine learning account monitoring
  • Integrated digital and instant AML & KYC verification
  • Platform is run entirely over encrypted SSL
  • Two-factor authentication for additional security

Send international payments in seconds, for pennies.

  • You can send money to people in any country, in any fiat currency or cryptocurrency using the Stellar blockchain. Instantaneous settlement costing less than $0.01 cent.
  • For example, you can send Bitcoin to your friends bank account in Canada and it’s automatically converted to Canadian dollars and deposited in his bank account within seconds.You can do all of this in a few simple steps.

Access blockchain DApps and more with HubrisOne partner marketplace.

  • Whether you need travel insurance, accommodation or a flight. You can easily search our partner marketplace and receive offers from our panel of partners. 

Access Requirement: 1,000 HBRS in Wallet

  • Powered by natural language processing, which allows you to search as you would speak.

Buy, sell and exchange fiat currency and cryptocurrencies, in seconds.

  • Whether you’re buying your first bitcoin, or transferring your cryptocurrency, we’ve made it extremely simple and user-friendly to buy, sell, and exchange instantly. 
  • Easily switch between your HubrisOne bank account and your HubrisOne cryptocurrency wallets using our in-built user friendly exchange. Receive 50% off exchange fee when paying in HBRS tokens.

View all of your wealth and investment portfolio’s in one place.

  • Connect all of your cryptocurrecny exchange accounts, wealth portfolio or trading accounts directly to HubrisOne Wealth via Secure READ API. Manage everything you need in one app.

Access Requirement: 2,000 HBRS in Wallet

  • Secure cryptocurrency loans all within one platform. Instantly receive your approved loans in your HubrisOne bank account and immediately spend with your HubrisOne debit card. Receive 1% cashback in HBRS tokens each time you use your card in-store or online.

Instant UK Faster Payments

As you would with your bank account today, you can send money to any other UK bank account instantly.

Instant UK Faster Payments

Set up Direct Debits and standing orders in the HubrisOne app with a few taps.

one app. one token. access multiple worlds.

Using the HBRS token, easily connect to HubrisOne Wealth services and cryptocurrency-backed loans.
Powered by The HubrisOne (HBRS) Token

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Product Brief

We're putting blockchain and cryptocurrencies into the hands of everyday people and increasing adoption with HubrisOne. 

Investor Documents

Learn more about our unique investment approach. We're offering investors a mixture of equity shares and Hubris tokens.

Meet HubrisOne.

Demonstration proof of concept available.

Pricing & Memeberships

Learn more about available HubrisOne membership options.

Our Plans Are Simple And Transparent.

Customers can reduce fees and gain access to the HubrisOne eco-system by simply holding pre-specified amounts of HubrisOne tokens in their wallet.



  • 2 min Account Opening
  • One Currency Account
  • Create up-to 5 Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Basic Debit Card (Fee Payable)
  • Fee for ATM Withdrawals up to $500/£500
  • Crypto to Fiat Conversion and Exchange
  • Access to additional services via purchase of HBRS tokens.


Per month

1 month free

  • 2 min Account Opening
  • EUR, GBP, and USD Currency Account
  • Create up-to 50 Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • 1% Account Deposit in HBRS Tokens
  • Free Silver Standard HubrisOne Debit Card
  • ATM Withdrawals up to $500/£500
  • Crypto to Fiat Conversion and Exchange
  • 0.5% Cashback in HBRS Tokens


Per month

1 month free

  • Free EUR, GBP, and USD Currency Account
  • Personalised Black Premium Debit Card
  • 5% Reward in HBRS Tokens for Each Deposit
  • Create Unlimited Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Free Access to HubrisOne Wealth and Lending
  • 1.5% Cashback in HBRS Tokens
  • Free Access to Real-time Instant Support
  • Free Access to HubrisOne Marketplace

The problems we're solving.

A £300 billion market opportunity.

Innovative tech, no real application

There’s great technology being built, however there has been no mass real-life use case or application to proven business models.

Banking the unbanked

Over 2 billion individuals do not have a bank account globally, with smartphone ownership growing daily, HubrisOne aims to tackle this global issue.

Customers want more

Buyer behaviour is evolving rapidly, even more so with the introduction of cryptocurrencies, banks are slow to innovate and are losing market share each day.

Unfair fees

Banks charge significant fees on FX transactions whilst travelling and for sending money abroad. It’s slow, expensive and inefficient.

Increasing cryptocurrency adoption

People globally want easy access to the cryptocurrency markets and the benefits blockchain presents. However, the industry lacks user friendly products and propositions for mass appeal.

Our solution.

HubrisOne. Innovative, secure, and user-friendly.

Bridging the old and new with blockhain

Unique GBP, EUR, and USD bank accounts, seamlessly integrated with cryptocurrency wallets. Option to connect existing bank accounts. One card multiple possibilities.

Instant digital account opening

With integrated instant KYC and digital account opening, anyone can open a HubrisOne bank account with a smartphone and a internet connection.

Tailored digital customer support

With the rapid change in consumer behavior, time is an increasing priority. Handle all your banking issues whilst you're on the move with only an internet connection. 

Low cost and speedy blockchain transfers

International cross-border transfers executed on the Stellar blockchain costing a fraction of a cent and settled within 5-8 seconds. 

Familiarity breeds adoption

By enabling our customers to perform traditional banking services with cryptocurrency integration coupled with a familiar user experience will increase adoption.

The Tech.

HubrisOne leverages three key innovative blockchain related technologies.

PCI-DSS Compliant and Regulated Banking Software

Our UK banking partner will provide the back-bone and building blocks of HubrisOne banking infrastructure.

Stellar Blockchain

All cross-border bank transfers will be executed on the Stellar blockchain allowing our customers to save time and money.

OmiseGo SDK

The OmiseGo infrastructure will provide HubrisOne direct Plasma architecture, crypto-fiat currency interoperability, scalability and security.

Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain will be used to acquire, retain and reward our customers in the form of HubrisOne tokens.

Powered by the HBRS Token

In order for customers to use the HubrisOne app and platform, customers will need to have pre-specified Hubris tokens in their wallet to perform specific functions or be rewarded. See below for the role the HBRS token will play in the platform.

Account Opening Rewards

Each new customer that opens a HubrisOne digital bank account will receive $20 equivalent in Hubris tokens.

Membership Discount

Premium membership is charged $5/£5 a month. Customers will receive 50% discount when paying in HBRS tokens.

Marketplace Platform Access

Customers must hold a minimum of 5,000 Hubris tokens in their wallet in order to access HubrisOne marketplace platform.

Cashback Rewards

When a customer spends in store or online, the customer will receive 1% cashback in HBRS.

HubrisOne Wealth Access

Customers must hold a minimum of 2,000 HBRS tokens in their wallet in order to access HubrsOne Wealth.

Account Loading Rewards

Customers must hold a minimum of 2,000 HBRS tokens in their wallet in order to access HubrsOne Wealth.

Equity Shares & Token Sale

The following information will allow investors to learn more about our unique investment fundraising approach. Potential investors may be eligible for equity share and tokens depending on the stage of the fundraising cycle. Read below to find out more.

Important Information about Token Sale & Structure

The HubrisOne fundraise has been divided into two stages: The first stage of the token sale and distribution will be conducted through equity share crowdfund raise. The second stage will be conducted through a traditional ICO or STO.

Stage 1: Equity Crowdfund via 

Stage 2: Token Sale via ICO or STO (TBD)

Note: For each stage of the token sale distribution, tokens will be available. Please read below to find out more about each stage of the token sale.

Token Metrics

Token Name: HBRS 

Token Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)

Total Fixed Supply Allocation:
 1 Billion 

Smart Contract Address: 0x432555e5c898f83fc5f00df631bd9c2801fea289

Stage 1 - Equity Share Crowdfunding


Minimum share: £10

Equity Available: 15%

Dates: November – December (Dates to be confirmed)

KYC: Yes

Soft cap: £200,000

Hard cap: £500,000

Payment Accepted : Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Amex, Mastercard)

Restrictions: None

Future Trajectory

Learn more about what we've been up to until this point and what we plan to accomplish and achieve over the next 12 months.

Q1 -Q3 2017

Market Research 

Market Fit and Analysis 

Product Creation to align to Market Fit

Target Market Assessment

Regulatory Research & Scope

Complete 100%

Q4 2017

Search for Compliant Card Partner

Banking Software Secured

Development Partner Search

Complete 100%

Q1 2018

App UI/UX Design & Build

App Wireframe Build 

Complete 100%

Q2 – Q4 2018

Assembling Team & Advisors Recruitment (Complete)

Search for Equity Share Partner (Complete)

Equity Share Crowdfunding (In Progress)

In Progress 89%

Q1 – Q2 2019

Complete Public Token Sale  (Stage 2)

Apple App & Android Development

Security Audit

Beta Testing and Bug Improvements ·

Debit Card Design and Manufacturing ·

Pending 20%

Q3- Q4 2019

Android and Apple App Release V1

Apple Pay and Google Pay Release ·

Crypto-Lending Facility Integration 

Pending 35%

Strategic Partners & Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation: Technology companies where HubrisOne will be implementing their technology.

Open Partner Marketplace - Apply

For blockchain and non-blockchain services and solutions interested in learning more about joining the HubrisOne open marketplace. Get in touch to find out more. We are interested in partnering with:

  • Wealth/Finance Services
  • Insurance 
  • Transport/Accomodation 
  • E-Commerce & Retail 
  • Rewards & Offers

Frequently Asked Questions - About the Business

We’re a cryptocurrency friendly digital bank. We’ve combined key banking features, such as international payments, debit cards, international account numbers with the new world of cryptocurrencies.

What’s even better, we will be fully regulated and compliant upon launch.

Our vision is to become the connector between the old world of finance and banking to the new world of cryptocurrencies. In a new, secure and user friendly way. 

We believe this combination will legitmise cryptocurrencies and increase mass adoption which will only push this industry forward.

HubrisOne enables you to perform your daily banking activities as you would with your bank today, with seamless cryptocurrency integration.
We’re truly changing the game.

We have not identified any competition which offers the full suite of services and solutions we offer. However, there are a few competitors within this space which offer fragmented solutions, they are: Wirex, TenX, CryptoPay

The HubrisOne token will be an ERC20 standard token. Below are a few features the HBRS token will enable in the HubrisOne eco-system:

  • 40% discount on membership fees – Learn more 
  • Receive up to 30% token reward (of top up amount) when you load or top up your account
  • Gain access and use in our Open Platform Marketplace – Learn more
  • You will need pre-set number of HBRS token to access our wealth management solutions and crypto-backed loans facilities 
  • You can spend your HBRS tokens on your HubrisOne debit card using our auto-convert feature and you will receive upto 1% of what you spent.
  • When you sign up you will recieve $100 worth of HBRS tokens (limited time offer).
  • Each time you refer a new customer you will receive $10 in Hubris Tokens.
  • You can send Hubris Tokens to any ERC20 wallet globally.

We’re registered in the United Kingdom with companies house, under our registered name: HubrisOne Technologies Ltd.

Company number: 11529615

No, HubrisOne is not a bank, however we provide services your traditional bank would provide, you can call us a digital banking alternative.

We will be regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money  Licence (2011). Read more in the documents section if our website.

We will not be applying for a full banking licence, however we will become an authorised electronic money institution through our U.K. card partner who is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Yes. We’re a cryptocurrency friendly digital bank, this means we support selected businesses which are focused on cryptocurrency, such as exchanges. Subject to due diligence and other checks.

You’re in luck – HubrisOne MVP will be released on the 30th of November. Potential customers and investors will be able to get a feel and play around with the first release of the HubrisOne app demo. Register here to be first to experience HubrisOne when our MVP is released.

Please note: The demo will not be fully functional – only for UX (user experience) and illustration purposes and feedback.

Contact us

We’re looking forward to hearing from our customers, investors and partners. Select the best way to get in touch and a member of the team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Early Bird Registration: Register

Institutional & Individual Investors: Get in touch

HubrisOne Marketplace Partner: Apply

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