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The Next Generation of Blockchain Financial Services

Accounts & Wallets

Manage your existing bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, Spend in BTC, ETH or XRP or USD, GBP or EUR. The choice is yours.

HubrisOne Token

Receive token rewards, cashback and access to the HubrisOne platform using the HubrisOne token. Find out more about our unique token economy and quarterly burn.

Payments & Remittance

Send instant cross-border payments within seconds for only a fraction of the usual cost. Send cryptocurrency or fiat payments to any bank account globally.

Everything You’ll Need in One Secure App


Connect your cryptocurrency exchange accounts, and view your balances, portfolio and track performance in one secure place.

Crypto Lending

Access fiat liquidity through our in-built cryptocurrency backed lending module. Discount on interest rates when using tokens.

B2C & P2P Marketplace

Access core blockchain applications, from travel, accommodation, insurance, finance, e-commerce and more.

Simple. Powerful. Innovative.

Manage your existing bank accounts, create multi-currency accounts, manage your cryptocurrency wallets, execute cross-border blockchain payments, and more, all within a few taps.

Crypto to Fiat as Standard

Multi-Currency Current Accounts

We’ve made extremely easy to connect your existing bank accounts (Open Banking) and create instant digital current accounts , in seconds.

Secure Cryptocurrency Wallets

Quickly, buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens within a few taps.

Fluid Crypto-Fiat Transfers

Instantly send funds between your wallets and your HubrisOne current account within seconds.

Learn More About our Story

Learn more about how we’re making it easier for people globally to adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


The Cryptocurrency Friendly Current

Account that Rewards, You.


Earn HBRS tokens directly in your wallet when you spend with your HubrisOne debit card, it’s our way of saying thank you for being a member.

A Secure Fiat-Crypto Debit Card

for Your Digital Assets

Freedom to Choose your Currency

Spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Pound or Pound, Euro in real-time.

We Reward You

Receive cashback in HBRS tokens as a reward for your account activity when you spend on your card. We even reward you in HBRS tokens when you make a deposit.

Travel with Cryptocurrency

Travel globally and spend your cryptocurrency assets or spend traditional currencies from your HubrisOne current account.

Simple & Transparent Pricing



  • 2 min Account Opening
  • One Currency Account
  • Create up to 5 Secure Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Basic Debit Card (Fee Applies)
  • Fee for ATM Withdrawals up to £/$500
  • Crypto to Fiat Conversion and Exchange
  • Access to additional services with fees




  • Free EUR, GBP, and USD Account
  • Premium Debit Card
  • 5% Deposit Reward in HBRS
  • Unlimited Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Free Access to HubrisOne Wealth
  • Free Access HubrisOne Lending
  • 1.5% Cashback in HBRS Tokens
  • Free Access to Real-time Instant Support
  • Free Access to HubrisOne Marketplace
  • Additional fees may apply

Learn More about the HubrisOne Token

The HBRS token is the bloodline of the HubrisOne platform.

Quarterly Burn


We burn HBRS tokens quarterly. For each new user that joins the HubrisOne platform, we burn 100 HBRS from our reserve. As the ecosystem grows, the supply reduces. Tokens are burned on the last day of every financial quarter end.



We reward our members in HBRS tokens for activities such as:

  • Referrals
  • Spending on your debit card
  • Discounts for premium features
  • Deposits in your wallet and account

You can find out more details by using the link above.



HubrisOne members will need to hold a prespecified amount of tokens in their wallet in order to access certain functions of the HubrisOne platform. These tokens can be purchased directly from exchanges.

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