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Say Hello to HubrisOne

Your cryptocurrency friendly digital bank.
We've built a secure, open and innovative cryptocurrency friendly digital banking eco-system and infrastructure.

Built on the Stellar and OmiseGo Blockchain.
Powered by the Ethereum Hubris ERC20 token.

What is HubrisOne?

Learn more about our story.

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Early Bird Registrations

Banking For the Cryptocurrency Generation

HubrisOne offers personal and business cryptocurrency friendly bank accounts. 

Everything you’d expect from your bank, plus more. 

Powered by the Hubris Token.

The trillion dollar opportunity is here.

Here's some of the problems we're solving.

Innovation catalyst for banks

Banks are risk averse and slow to innovate. This means they will not directly develop a solution even if there is demand.

Banking the unbanked​

Over 2 billion individuals do not have a bank account, however smartphone ownership is growing each day (CGAP).​

Increasing cryptocurrency adoption

Everyday people want to access the cryptocurrency markets, but do not know where to start.

Changing consumer behaviour

Demographics are shifting and buyer behaviour evolving rapidly, even more so with the introduction of cryptocurrencies

No more unfair fees

Banks charge significant unfair fees on FX rates for international transfers and spending abroad. It’s slow, expensive and inefficient.

Banking for the cryptocurrency generation

There is no current regulated banking solution which offers traditional banking facilities with cryptocurrency integration.

The Solution

Here's our value proposition and solution.

Instant Digital Bank Accounts

A unique GBP, USD, EUR bank account and respective account details to match.

Secure Cryptocurrency Wallets

An option to create over 200 cryptocurrency and alt-coin wallets, side by side with bank accounts.

Stellar Blockchain Transfers

International money transfers on the Stellar Blockchain costing a fraction of a cent and settled within 5 seconds. 

One Card. Multiple Accounts.

We offer one card for cryptocurrency and fiat spending. With the ability to manage cards, pins and accounts digitally.

Familiarity Breeds Adoption

Allowing users to perform traditional banking services with a familiar user experience as their day-to-day banking app, will increase adoption. 

24/7 Live Digital Support

Consumer behavior is changing, time is a priority. Handle all your banking issues whilst you're on the move with only an internet connection. 

The Technology

HubrisOne leverages three key innovative technologies.

PCI-DSS Compliant and Regulated Banking Software

Our UK banking partner will provide the back-bone and building blocks of HubrisOne banking infrastructure.


The OmiseGo infrastructure will provide HubrisOne direct Plasma architecture, crypt-fiat currency interoperability, scalability and security.

Stellar Blockchain Transfers

All cross-border bank transfers will be executed on the Stellar blockchain allowing our customers to save time and money.

Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain will be used to acquire, retain and reward our customers in the form of Hubris tokens.

It's time your bank offered you more.

HubrisOne is an EU regulated (FCA) digital cryptocurrency and fiat friendly bank account with a state-of-the-art secure personal debit card to match.

Bank Accounts & Wallets Integration

Seamless fiat digital currency account with cryptocurrency integration. Your daily banking services and your cryptocurrency wallets, together seamlessly.

Spend Cryptocurrencies & Fiat Currencies Globally

Use one card to spend globally from your bank account and your cryptocurrency wallets. Secure. Contactless and Personalised.

One App. Access Multiple Worlds.

Connecting you securely to the word of digital banking and cryptocurrencies.
Powered by The Hubris Token

We're revolutionising the way you bank and interact with cryptocurrencies

A world first. An all in one suite of digital banking services, cryptocurrency wallets, wealth and crypto financing services.

Hubris Crypto Lending & Wealth

Access Hubris Lending and Hubris Wealth platform all within one app. Manage your existing portfolio and crypto-backed financing instantly.

International payments leveraging Stellar blockchain technology

Send money safely, securely and instantly (2-5 seconds) to any international bank account or cryptocurrency wallet within a few taps. Easily manage payments between different currencies.

Regulatory Note

*HubrisOne, upon launch will be authorised and regulated, by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the E-Money licence (Electronic Money Regulations 2011) as an approved agent through our UK card partner. Registered in the UK company no: 11529615​

Visa logos are registered trademarks of Visa Inc. This does not indicate any approval or endorsement of any material on this site.

Account Loading

Adding funds to your Hubris bank account is easy.

Here’s how customers load their account, remember you’re rewarded each time you load. 

Customers have two options:

Bank transfer – transfer money from your existing bank account to your HubrisOne personal USD, GBP or EURO account loaded within 2 hours. 

Cryptocurrency load – Send money to your HubrisOne wallet within minutes and spend, exchange or hold.

Coming soon – Customers will be able to pay cash to selected partners which will be uploaded directly to their HubrisOne bank account (Africa & Asia).

Powered by The Hubris Token

HubrisOne Token

Here’s how the HubrisOne token will function within the ecosystem and for our customers.

Note:  Token value may increase in value as more customers join and demand increases for HubrisOne.

The HBRS token will be the bloodline of the HubrisOne App. If the HubrisOne App is the road, the HBRS token is the cars, trucks and the motorcycles. They are both very dependent on each other. Click below you will find more details about the Hubris token.

You will find deep industry expertise, successful prior ventures, and drive. 

Meet the Team

The HubrisOne team brings a wealth of experience ranging from fintech, banking, payments, blockchain development to UI/UX design, IOS development, marketing, operations and more.

You will find deep industry expertise, successful prior ventures, and drive. 

Ivan Gyimah


Ivan started his professional career in London as a Global Business Consultant for large fortune 500 companies within the finance, risk and legal industry. An early cryptocurrency investor.

Vitally Marinchenko

CTO | Blockchain

Vitally is an experienced full-stack developer and blockchain developer. A strong mixture of corporate and startup experience. Having previously worked for Accenture and Typerium. Vitally enjoys travelling.

McAnthony Gyimah


McAnthony began his career within the banking and payments sector, working for Wells Fargo  and recently transitioned joined Visa Payments Inc. McAnthony enjoys hiking and basketball.

Raymond Baxter

Head of PR & Communications

Raymond has designed, built, tested, took to market over 5 successful and regularly reviewed projects. A frequent contributor to The Huffington Post & Thrive Global. Early cryptocurrency investor with over 5 years’ experience.

Robert Laguna

Director of Operations

Robert is passionate about all things tech. Previously headed up analysis for Nissan Motors operations in North America. Previously collaborated and worked with Startups funded by Breakout Labs and Peter Thiel.

Jason Prince


Jason brings over 10 years of strategic/tactical experience with building startups in various industries such as payments, Banking, Insurance, Federal Agencies, and most recently in the FinTech space.

Devina Dutta

Head of Community

Devina is highly experienced Global Community Manager, with extensive knowledge in consulting for Cryptocurrencies & ICOs. Having recently worked with large mining company based company in Dubai. Devina also on board of the Global Blockchain Foundation.

Rick Tapia

Head of strategy & metrics

Rick has an extensive background in US politics that has fuelled his high level of connections to the blockchain industry. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of end-to-end marketing, token offering strategy, metrics

Felix Zeiffer

Head of Marketing

Felix has extensive experience in media and marketing, with a strong focus on brand building, growth and brand management. Strong focus on technology companies and FMCG consumer goods.

Umar Moin

Head of UI/UX & IOS Development

Umar lives and breathes apps and IOS UI/UX development. Extensive experience building some of the greatest apps on the app store today, from Fintech, automotive, fitness, hospitality and more. Umar enjoys festivals in his free time.

Jillian Godsil

Banking & Fintech

Named as one of the 50 Most Influential Women In Blockchain, Jillian is a lead reporter in the Crypto space where she has written exclusive interviews with some of the most powerful people in the crypto world.

Andrew Chung

Fintech & Blockchain

Andrew is a veteran professional and entrepreneur with years of experience within the information technology, ecommerce, health, and financial sectors. Having graduated with studied computer science degree with a focus on cyber security and human behavior.

Boyan Patev

Finance & Research

Giovanni Casagrande

Growth & Strategy

Giovanni is a believer in the power of decentralization and the remarkable impact it can have on our lives. A writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in the space. Fortuned enough to lived in the transition. 

Live Timeline & Future Road Map

We want our future customers to know what we’ve been up to until this point and what we plan to accomplish and achieve over the next 24 months.

Open Marketplace - Partners Apply

For blockchain and non-blockchain services and solutions interested in learning more about joining the HubrisOne open marketplace. Get in touch to find out more. We are interested in partnering with:

  • Wealth/Finance Services
  • Insurance 
  • Transport/Accomodation 
  • E-Commerce & Retail 
  • Rewards & Offers

Frequently Asked Questions - The Business

We’re a cryptocurrency friendly digital bank. We’ve combined key banking features, such as international payments, debit cards, international account numbers with the new world of cryptocurrencies.

What’s even better, we will be fully regulated and compliant upon launch.

Our vision is to become the connector between the old world of finance and banking to the new world of cryptocurrencies. In a new, secure and user friendly way. 

We believe this combination will legitmise cryptocurrencies and increase mass adoption which will only push this industry forward.

HubrisOne enables you to perform your daily banking activities as you would with your bank today, with seamless cryptocurrency integration.
We’re truly changing the game.

We have not identified any competition which offers the full suite of services and solutions we offer. However, there are a few competitors within this space which offer fragmented solutions, they are: Wirex, TenX, CryptoPay

The HubrisOne token will be an ERC20 standard token. Below are a few features the HBRS token will enable in the HubrisOne eco-system:

  • 40% discount on membership fees – Learn more 
  • Receive up to 30% token reward (of top up amount) when you load or top up your account
  • Gain access and use in our Open Platform Marketplace – Learn more
  • You will need pre-set number of HBRS token to access our wealth management solutions and crypto-backed loans facilities 
  • You can spend your HBRS tokens on your HubrisOne debit card using our auto-convert feature and you will receive upto 1% of what you spent.
  • When you sign up you will recieve $100 worth of HBRS tokens (limited time offer).
  • Each time you refer a new customer you will receive $10 in Hubris Tokens.
  • You can send Hubris Tokens to any ERC20 wallet globally.

We’re registered in the United Kingdom with companies house, under our registered name: HubrisOne Technologies Ltd.

Company number: 11529615

No, HubrisOne is not a bank, however we provide services your traditional bank would provide, you can call us a digital banking alternative.

We will be regulated and authorised by the FCA UNDER ELECTRONIC MONEY LICENCE (2011). Read more in the documents section if our website.

We will not be applying for a full banking licence, however we will become an authorised electronic money institution through our U.K. card partner who is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Yes. We’re a cryptocurrency friendly digital bank, this means we support selected businesses which are focused on cryptocurrency, such as exchanges. Subject to due diligence and other checks.

You’re in luck – HubrisOne MVP will be released on the 15th of October. Potential customers and investors will be able to get a feel and play around with the first release of the HubrisOne app demo. 

Please note: The demo will not be fully functional – only for UX (user experience) and illustration purposes and feedback.

Contact us

We’re looking forward to hearing from our customers, investors and partners. Select the best way to get in touch and a member of the team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Early Bird Registration: Register

Institutional & Individual Investors: Get in touch

HubrisOne Marketplace Partner: Apply

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